Executive Summary

Let’s face it the world is changing so quickly it’s almost impossible to keep up. The need for staff increases, the need for staff decreases depending on so many factors right now. Keeping a top-notch staff ready, willing, and able to work takes more effort than ever before. .

R&T Staffing has active associates working across our divisions and in distribution centers to keep essential business needs operational. Our team is here to provide the same level of service you have come to expect for all of your employment needs.

At R&T Staffing, we are working to support employers, job seekers, and the active workforce in Central Ohio. Those partnerships are what ensures a successful employee is sent to you each and every time. We know that the success of any organization depends on its people. Getting the right people means understanding not just the importance of the role, but also the team and culture of the organization.

Provide connected, world-class human capital solutions that keeps your company working and making money.

Our staffing and recruiting services provide flexibility to support both your long and short-term projects. Our expertise in specialized verticals enables us to understand your business needs and vet candidates thoroughly, ultimately providing only qualified and highly capable professionals who will excel at your organization.

Goals and Objective

Stay ahead of your staffing schedules by always having trained and vetted staff ready

Supply you with top notch staffing during cyclical research or production periods

Reduce loss due to downtime or understaffing

Provide temp to hire employees to alleviate many hiring costs

Comply with all legal and OSHA requirements of our employees (one less responsibility for you)


Our pricing is simple and straight forward. It’s quick to verify each invoice and if you ever have a question you have one point of contact that is dedicated to your account. One call can clarify any questions you have.


Business is fluid and fast moving; more now than ever before. Every business has cyclic patterns. This makes it difficult to know exactly what staffing needs you will have and when. This is where R & T Staffing comes in. We build a partnership so we can assist and fill in where and when you need us.

We not only help you take the frustration out of the downtimes of your business we eliminate the stress of the cyclical nature of business. By providing the following services we are your go to company to not only fill in the blanks but keep your revenue coming!

If you need it, WE HAVE IT, so you can do what you do best: run your business and make money.

 Next Steps

In order to formalize and execute this proposal into a contract please contact us at  +1-833-580-2182 or info@randtstaffing.com to begin the partnership. We are ready and able to start immediately